DIY Honey Rose Cleanser

DIY Honey Rose Cleanser

A simple DIY recipe with just three all-natural ingredients! Fancy making your own ultra-pure cleanser?

Here's the recipe for Honey Rose Cleanser, which is made from just three all-natural ingredients and takes less than two minutes to mix. The ingredients ensure a soothed, moisturised and even complexion:

  • Rose Water soothes the skin
  • Honey has a moisturising, antibacterial and slightly exfoliating effect
  • Clay draws out dirt and sebum from the pores and refines complexion

The recipe

Ingredients for approximately 50ml:

2 tsp rose water
4 tsp honey, ideally directly from the beekeeper
3 tsp clay (I prefer red and white, green or healing clay also works)

Here's how it works:
1. Mix honey and rose water in a small bowl into to a smooth mixture
2. Gradually stir in the clay with a small whisk until all the lumps have dissolved
3. Pour the cleanser into a boiled, completely dry jar. That's it!

How to use the cleanser:

Massage onto uncleaned, slightly moistened skin. Remove with a flannel and plenty of warm water. The shelf life depends on the best-before date of the blossom water. Please ensure that you only ever remove the cleanser with clean and, above all, dry fingers. If liquid such as tap water gets into the product, germs will develop. It is best to use a spatula or spoon to remove the product.

Fancy making more products yourself? You can find more super simple natural cosmetics recipes in the book 'Easy Glow - Naturkosmetik selber machen mit nur 3 Zutaten' (GU Verlag, photo credit Jochen Arndt).