From nature, into the bottle

Our cosmetics consist of the finest cold-pressed plant oils, creamy plant butters, hydrolates and botanical active ingredients from controlled organic cultivation and even wild harvesting. Pure luxury for your skin.


Our botanical ingredients are just as effective as their synthetic
alternatives, but are better tolerated by the skin and less likely to cause
irritation. Botanical active ingredients are not developed in the lab, but are
extracted directly from the plant and contain many other valuable components
such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


All our plant oils, plant butters, essential oils and hydrolates come from
controlled organic cultivation. This makes The Glow an absolute exception on
the market, which we are very proud of. We even go above and beyond organic
cultivation: we use ingredients that are wild harveted. Wild plants come from
uncultivated land that contains all the nutrients of uncultivated, fertile
soil. The plants are more resilient, they are not cultivated but adapt
naturally to their conditions.


Our raw materials are left in their natural state so that they can develop
their full effect. All oils and plant butters are gently cold-pressed to
preserve their nourishing, caring and cell-regenerating properties, which would
be lost through heating/refining or deodorisation. This ensures that our
ingredients are maximised and none of their natural power is lost through