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Do you want firmer, smoother skin and a more energised start to the day? Then dry brushing is the solution for you!

Regular dry brushing stimulates circulation and blood flow. The connective tissue is tightened and cell renewal is stimulated. The result: smoother, plumper skin. The exfoliating effect effectively removes dry flakes of skin and leaves skin soft to the touch. Our Body Brush is made from FSC-certified beech wood and natural bristles. Each brush is made by hand in a manufactory in Schwarzwald, Germany and is unique.

Firming and smoothing

Strengthens the connective tissue

Improves blood circulation

Dry Brush von The Glow
Dry Brush von The Glow

The effect

How dry brushing works on your skin


Regular dry brushing with our body brush stimulates blood circulation. Your skin is better supplied with oxygen, cell production is stimulated and the connective tissue is tightened.


Dead skin cells are simply polished away, leaving the skin silky soft and better able to absorb the subsequent care. Everything Oil is your ideal product. Simply massage it into slightly damp skin after showering.

This is your ideal skincare routine with the Body Brush

  • Legs

    The basic rule of dry brushing is to always brush towards the heart. Start at the feet and brush the legs in long, strong strokes from bottom to top, always brushing from the feet to the butt. Apply just enough pressure so that it doesn't hurt, but the skin may appear slightly reddened.

  • Arms

    Now start at the fingertips and brush upwards along the arms, always towards the heart. If the skin is sensitive, reduce the pressure accordingly.

  • Stomach

    Brush the chest and stomach area in a circular motion, always in a clockwise direction. Reduce the intensity of the brush strokes here, as these areas are very sensitive.


Can I also use the brush on my face?

No, we do not recommend this brush for the face, as facial skin is more prone to irritation. Our Body Brush is intended for your dry brushing routine in the morning and should only be used on the body.

How hard should I brush?

Just firm enough so that it doesn't hurt. Over time, your skin will become less sensitive and you can increase the intensity. The skin should be well circulated and slightly reddened afterwards. Brushing should not be painful.

When and how often should I use the Body Brush?

Dry brushing provides an energy boost, so it's best to use the brush in the morning to start the day fit and full of energy! Start with 1 - 3 applications per week so as not to irritate the skin, then you can increase to a daily application.

Is dry brushing suitable for everyone?

For minor skin injuries, simply avoid the affected areas. If you suffer from eczema, neurodermatitis or other skin conditions, you should not brush your skin. Caution should also be exercised with varicose veins and a strong tendency to spider veins. Please consult your dermatologist first.