Your most frequently asked questions

Why is natural skincare better for me?

The skin is your largest organ. It breathes, detoxifies, regulates body temperature and is your shield against harmful environmental influences. But although it protects you from the outside world, it is not impenetrable. What you apply to your skin is partly absorbed by it and ends up in your body – this is how hormone or nicotine patches work, for example.

So you can imagine how important it is not to burden your skin with chemicals and synthetic substances. Almost all common cosmetic products contain substances that you don’t want in your body: mineral oils, harmful preservatives, aluminium salts, artificial colours and fragrances. Real natural cosmetics, on the other hand, are so pure and natural that you could even eat them. There is nothing purer and richer for your skin than high-quality oils, nourishing vegetable butter and hydrosols. The rule of thumb is: if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, you shouldn’t apply it to your skin either.


Do natural products work as well as synthetic ones? 

The word synthetic basically means ‘imitating nature’. Synthetic ingredients are made in labs to mimic the effects of nature-grown actives. The reason why most skincare company use synthetic ingredients is because they are cheap and easy to mass-produce, therefore producers aren’t reliant on farmers and their crops. So to make it short, we believe that natural skincare doesn’t work as well, but actually in many cases much better, than conventional products.


Are all ingredients guaranteed to be gentle enough, even for sensitive skin?

Natural cosmetics are like food for the skin. As with food, however, in rare cases there may be intolerances to natural cosmetic ingredients. If you want to be on the safe side, take an allergy test before the first use: apply a small amount of the product in the crook of your arm, as the skin is particularly delicate and sensitive there. If you do not see any redness or other changes in your skin after 24 hours, you are probably tolerating the product well.


Are your products vegan?

We use purely botanical ingredients, so our products are suitable for vegans. The only exception is organic beeswax, which we use in Wonderbalm. In this way we would like to help support the work of organic beekeepers and contribute to the protection of honey bees in Europe. Organic beeswax means the hives aren’t treated with antibiotics or other meds, and the beekeepers don’t harvest the royal jelly, which bees need to feed the larvae and the queen bee.


Are your products tested on animals? 

No, we absolutely don’t, and we also don’t allow third parties to test on animals. If the laws of a country require animal tests, we won’t export to that country.


What’s the shelf life of your products?

Our The Glow Essentials have been carefully produced under the strictest hygiene conditions. We do not use any artificial preservatives, but we made sure that the products are stable when we developed the recipe. When they leave our studio, the ‘best before’ date is 18 months, sometimes more. You will find the BBD of your product on the bottom of the outer packaging and on the bottom label of the bottle or jar.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Every order is processed immediately and you should receive your products within three working days, sometimes faster. Please note that the parcel services may take longer to deliver your orders around Black Friday, Cyber Week and the weeks leading up to Christmas. During those peak times, please order your products a few days earlier if you can.