Why you don’t need a moisturizing creme

Creams are simply a mixture of water and oil, i.e. an emulsion. The idea is to ‘kill two birds with one stone’: providing the skin with it’s two most essential needs, to provide moisture as well as oil, but with only one product. However, this mixture is the reason why creams contain so many ingredients: one or more emulsifiers are needed for the water and oil to bond permanently, and of course a high percentage of preservatives as the cream contains water. In addition, consistency enhancers, stabilizers and other synthetically produced ingredients are needed to make the product feel and behave as you would expect from a cream.

However, very few of these substances actually have any beneficial properties for your skin as such. So we use a very simple trick to get around all these synthetics: just apply the two components water (or a hydrosol like rosewater or our Floral Essence) and an oil on top of each other. Or even mix them in the palm of your hand. The heat and shear forces of rubbing create an emulsion – or cream – without any unnecessary fillers. While the ratio of water to oil in a cream is fixed and cannot be changed, with your self-made mixture of water and oil phase you determine every day anew how much oil or moisture you want to supply your skin with and can therefore react exactly to its current needs.