Master Elixir

Master Elixir nourishes, regenerates and smoothes your skin with a blend of the world's highest quality botanical oils. Rich in valuable fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins for a gorgeous glow.

The most outstanding herbal ingredients in one bottle! This serum made entirely of organic, antioxidant and vitamin-rich oils is a game changer in your skin care. Broccoli seed, prickly pear, pomegranate seed and rosehip oil smoothe the skin, reduce dryness and wrinkles, prevent inflammation, reduce irritation and give you a radiant, even complexion. Sea buckthorn fruit oil provides gentle AHA acids, refines skin texture and boosts collagen production.




All oils are from certified organic farming or wildcrafted sources

Macadamia oil* / Broccoli Seed oil* / Prickly Pear Seed oil** / Evening Primrose oil* / Pomegranate Seed oil* / Rosehip oil* / Sea Buckthorn oil* / Rosemary Extract* / Vitamin E / Essential oils of Neroli*, Geranium* and Bergamot*

* certified organic farming **wildcrafted



Master Elixir is the glow booster in your skincare routine

Your skincare ritual

Three steps to great skin

Step 1


Reinige Deine Haut gründlich und tupfe sie sanft trocken. Cleansing Cream ist der ideale Produktpartner für Master Elixir. Sie wirkt feuchtigkeitsspendend, beruhigend und reinigt porentief.

Step 2


Push / press a few drops of Floral Essence onto cleansed face. Do not forget the neck and décolleté!

Step 3


Massage 3 – 4 drops of Master Elixir onto the face, neck and décolleté. Pat Master Elixir around the eyes as well. Tip: for very dehydrated skin, mix Master Elixir with Floral Essence in the palm of your hand to form a light emulsion.


What does Master Elixir do for your skin?


Pure active ingredient oils nourish the skin, making it appear softer and smoother. Dryness wrinkles are significantly reduced.


The optimal supply of active ingredients supports collagen synthesis


The combination of active ingredient oils supports an intact skin barrier and thus prevents transepidermal moisture loss


Everything you need to know about our skin-transforming oil serum

Who is it for?

Master Elixir is the ideal skin care serum for dehydrated, dry and mature skin. The blend of regenerating, moisture-retaining and nourishing organic oils supports a healthy barrier function of the skin and thus protects it from dehydration. Vitamins and antioxidants protect against free radicals and provide a gorgeous glow!

Is Master Elixir powerful enough as an anti-aging serum?

Master Elixir consists of 100% of the most effective and expensive organic active ingredient oils in the world. Unlike conventional creams, Master Elixir contains no cheap fillers like water or synthetic ingredients like emulsifiers and consistency enhancers. So your skin gets the undiluted dose of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids it needs to glow. Combine Master Elixir with Floral Essence, which contains water-soluble anti-ageing ingredients such as botanical alternatives to retinol and hyaluronic acid. With this duo, you have all aspects of anti-ageing care covered.

Can I use Master Elixir as eye care?

Yes, the skin around the eyes dries out quickly because it hardly contains any sebaceous glands, so wrinkles appear faster. Macadamia oil smoothes the delicate eye area and helps transport the active ingredients deeply into the skin, where they can develop their full effect. Prickly pear seed oil, broccoli seed oil, pomegranate oil and evening primrose oil regenerate and smooth the sensitive eye area.

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