The Glow Essentials

The Glow Essentials is your ideal starter kit! The five products are multifunctional and replace every other product in your bathroom. Whether it's a cleanser, serum, toner or eye care, mix and match our Fab Five to get everything you need for your daily ultra-pure skincare routine.

The Glow Essentials contains these five products:

FLORAL ESSENCE (20ml) – our bestseller! The moisturising Floral Essence is a toner and liquid serum in one. It contains all our water-soluble anti-aging active ingredients. Botanical alternatives to retinol and hyaluronic acid soothe your skin, boost cell renewal and brighten your complexion. Malachite extract has a strong antioxidant effect and protects the skin from cell damage. Melissa extract and probiotics soothe the skin and contribute to an intact microbiome. Rose and orange blossom hydrosols as well as aloe vera soothe and moisturize.

EVERYTHING OIL (20ml) – If you could only take one product to a desert island, this should be it! Everything Oil is the all-rounder for cleansing and caring for face and body. The blend of light, anti-inflammatory oils provides clear, soothed skin with a beautiful glow. Perfect as a day care. Mix with Floral Essence to create a light lotion.

MASTER ELIXIR (10ml) – the highest quality botanical ingredients in one bottle, a game changer in your skincare routine and a favourite of make-up artists! Perfect as a nourishing, repairing serum for evening and eye care. Prickly pear seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, evening primrose oil, wild rose oil and broccoli seed oil nourish the skin and create a stunning glow!

CLEANSING CLAY (15g) – gentle facial cleanser and mask in one product. Pore-refining clay and mild AHA and BHA acids from hibiscus and willow bark leave your skin glowing again and cleanse it deep into the pores. Use the Cleansing Clay daily for cleansing or once or twice a week as a gently exfoliating mask.

WONDERBALM (15ml) – our multitasking miracle! A velvety balm with moisturising cupuacu butter that you can use to cleanse, as a moisturiser for dry skin, as lip and eye care, for all dry skin areas, as a highlighter and much more!

FREE: a The Glow cosmetic bag made from organic cotton, designed by illustrator Helena Ravenne.

FREE: Good Skin Guide a little booklet with application instructions, cleansing tips and brilliantly simple beauty hacks to help you get the most out of your essentials.


Our plant oils and butters, hydrosols and active plant ingredients come from certified organic farming or even from wild crafted sources. All oils and butters are cold pressed and untreated to preserve their natural healing powers.

We don’t use emulsifiers, artificial fragrances or colourings, harmful preservatives or isolated, synthetically produced active ingredients. From the plant straight into the bottle. Our products and raw ingredients are cruelty-free and have not been tested on animals, neither by us nor by third parties.

How to use The Glow Essentials

Use the essentials individually or mix them in the palm of your hand to give your skin exactly the care it needs. Intuitive and uncomplicated!

Your skincare ritual

How to use The Glow Essentials for best results

Step 1


Cleanse your face according to your skin’s current state. Oily and blemish-prone skin will benefit from cleansing with Cleansing Clay or an Oil Cleansing with Everything Oil. Dehydrated skin prefers Floral Essence. For more information on the perfect cleanser for your skin condition, read the Good Skin Guide we provide with every order or read it in our The Glow Magazine.

Step 3


Apply a few drops of Floral Essence to the skin and gently press it in with the palms of your hands.

Step 3


Depending on your current skin condition, massage either oil or balm onto the still damp skin. Let your skin decide which care it needs. Everything Oil for normal, dehydrated and inflamed skin. Master Elixir for dehydrated, dry, dull skin. Wonderbalm for very dry skin, eyes and lips.

The Results

The Essentials give your skin what it needs, when it needs it


The essentials cleanse deep into the pores without drying out your skin.


Floral Essence in combination with our oils and balms has been proven to smooth and rejuvenate the skin.


Well-cleansed pores appear smaller, skin texture is refined.


Master Elixir and Floral Essence moisturise and nourish, leaving the skin feeling plumped up from the inside.


Floral Essence contains snow mushroom extract, a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid that is also full of antioxidants. So your skin gets moisture and nutrients in one.


All your questions about our Essentials answered!

Which skin type are these products for?

We don’t think in terms of skin types but in terms of skin conditions. The skin is constantly changing and doesn’t have the same needs every day. Sometimes it needs more moisture, sometimes more oil. Each of the five products serves its own need. Floral Essence moisturises and strengthens the skin barrier. Cleansing Clay gives the skin a deep cleanse. Master Elixir provides vitamins and antioxidants. Everything Oil nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids. Wonderbalm protects and nourishes intensively. Depending on how you mix the products, they adapt optimally to your current skin condition, so they are suitable for every skin type and condition.

How long with the products last for?

The Essentials last up to two weeks with regular use, Wonderbalm and Cleansing Clay usually even longer.

How do I use the products?

We include our 24-page booklet ‘Good Skin Guide’ in every delivery, which describes the products and their application in detail. Apart from that, just listen to your skin, it will show you which products it needs the most. The application of the essentials is very easy and intuitive, you will usually find your perfect combination after one or two applications.

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