Floral Essence

Pure moisture! Our bestseller Floral Essence is a toner and liquid active serum in one. With skin-soothing neroli water, rose water and aloe vera. Plant-based alternatives to hyaluronic acid and retinol ensure a plump complexion and gorgeous glow.

The moisturising Floral Essence based on organic rose hydrosol, organic orange blossom hydrosol and aloe vera is a toner and liquid serum in one. It contains all our water-soluble anti-aging active ingredients. Botanical alternatives to retinol and hyaluronic acid soothe your skin, boost cell renewal and brighten your complexion. Malachite extract has a strong antioxidant effect and protects the skin from cell damage. Melissa extract and probiotics soothe the skin and contribute to an intact microbiome. Dryness lines are reduced and the skin barrier is strengthened.




Our ingredients are 100% natural in origin and wherever possible from certified organic farming or even wildcrafted sources:

Neroli hydrosol* / aloe vera* / rose hydrosol* / probiotics / moth bean extract* / snow mushroom extract* / lemon balm extract* / malachite extract*

*certified organic farming  **wildcrafted

How to use it

How to use our best-selling moisturiser in your skincare routine

Your skincare ritual

Three steps to great skin

Step 1


Cleanse your skin with Cleansing Clay or Cleansing Cream, depending on the condition of your skin. For oil or balm cleansing, use Everything Oil and Wonderbalm. Find out more about the right cleanser for your skin condition in our blog magazine.

Step 2


Push / press a few drops of Floral Essence onto cleansed face. Do not forget the neck and décolleté!

Step 3


Massage a few drops of Master Elixir, Everything Oil or Wonderbalm onto the face, neck and décolleté, depending on the skin’s current condition. Tip: for dehydrated skin, you can also mix the oil with a few drops of Floral Essence in the palm of your hand to form a light emulsion.

The Results

What to expect from Floral Essence


Organic hydrosols, aloe vera and snow mushroom extract, moisturise. Probiotics strengthen the skin's protective mantle, helping to reduce moisture loss.


Floral Essence is full of skin-rejuvenating active ingredients. Moth bean extract acts like botanical retinol, malachite extract provides valuable antioxidants and prevents UV damage.


Well moisturised skin looks plumper and firmer, the skin rejuvenating ingredients in Floral Essence boost collagen synthesis, plumping up the skin from the inside out.


Use Floral Essence not only as a toner, but also to cleanse dehydrated skin.


All your questions about our Floral Essence answered

Who is it for?

For everybody. Floral Essence is a rehydrating toner and serum in one. Every skin needs a sufficient supply of moisture, it is a basic requirement for a healthy, intact skin barrier. Floral Essence is therefore the heart of our skin care kit and suitable for every skin condition.

Is Floral Essence also intended for anti-ageing care?

Floral Essence contains moisturising hydrosols and aloe vera as well as our water-soluble active ingredients such as snow mushroom extract, a botanical alternative to synthetically produced hyaluronic acid. In addition, we use moth bean extract, which has been shown in numerous in-vivo studies to have a skin-rejuvenating effect like that of retinol, without triggering the known side effects. Unlike retinol, Floral Essence can therefore also be used on sensitive skin and during pregnancy.

How can I use Floral Essence in my skincare routine?

Floral Essence is your first skincare step after cleansing. Then massage your oil or balm onto the still damp skin to ‘seal’ the moisture into the skin.


Can Floral Essence be mixed with your other products?

Of course! You can mix your Cleansing Clay Mask with Floral Essence to enrich it with additional active ingredients.

Mix it in the palm of your hand with Master Elixir or Everything Oil to create a light cream.
Floral Essence is also a great cleanser for dehydrated and sensitive skin. Simply put it on a cotton pad and wipe it over uncleansed skin.

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