Why you don’t need a moisturizer

Avoid unnecessary synthetic fillers and give your skin the customized care it really needs

One of the most frequently asked questions is why we don’t offer a cream. Quite simply: because your skin doesn’t need it.

Creams are basically a mixture of water and oil, i.e. an emulsion. The basic idea is to “kill two birds with one stone”: the skin should be supplied with its two most important needs at the same time: moisture and oil. However, this mixture of the two components in just one product is the reason why creams contain so many artificial ingredients.

One or even more emulsifiers ensure that water and oil can combine permanently, and a high proportion of preservatives makes sure the mixture doesn’t go bad. In addition, consistency enhancers, stabilisers and other synthetically produced ingredients are needed to make the product feel and behave as you would expect from a cream.

Everything Oil Floral Essence The Glow

So most of these substances are just fillers that don’t have any real benefits for the skin. They don’t contain nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants or essential fatty acids, they only exist to make the cream stable and preserve it.

That’s why we use a very simple trick to avoid all these unnecessary synthetic substances: ‘layering’. With The Glow, we have separated the two components: the water phase (our Floral Essence) and the oil phase (Everything Oil, Master Elixir or Wonderbalm).

You either apply the two components on top of each other, or simply mix them together in the palm of your hand. The heat of your hand and the shearing forces of rubbing create an emulsion – in other words, a cream – but without any unnecessary fillers.

Another advantage of this technique is flexibility. While the ratio of water to oil in a cream is fixed and cannot be changed, by mixing you determine every day anew how much oil or moisture you want to add to your skin.

For example, if your skin feels dehydrated or oily, use more Floral Essence. If the skin feels tight and needs more care, use more oil or Wonderbalm. This way, the skin is always optimally nourished and you save dozens of unnecessary ingredients. This is not only good for you, but also for the environment.