Oil Cleansing Method


We follow a very simple philosophy: Free your skin from everything that isn’t beneficial to it and nourish it with only the finest, ultra-pure botanical ingredients. Our 100% organic and untreated plant oils, plant butters and hydrosols retain their healing powers and leave your skin clear, calm and glowing.

Our six-part organic cosmetic line provides everything you need for a completely natural skin care routine.

Your minimalist skincare capsule collection

Our six products were created with the intention of being the cleanest skincare on the market. Radically pure, without synthetic ingredients and with a reduced but sophisticated line-up of the best plant-based ingredients in the world. They are the only products you’ll ever need for a pared-down, healthy skincare routine. Consider them a minimalist capsule wardrobe: mix and match them to suit your skin’s every need.

ULTRA PURE – From nature to bottle

Our products are made of the finest cold-pressed oils, healing plant butters, hydrosols and botanical actives. All from wild-crafted or certified organic sources to unsure maximum purity.

We have deliberately limited the number of ingredients and use only those that have been proven to have the most benefits for your skin. This way, we make sure the individual active ingredients are present in a sufficiently high concentration, while at the same time minimizing the risk of intolerances. This makes The Glow also suitable for sensitive skin.

All our products are guaranteed free from:

  • Synthetic ingredients
  • Artificial scents and colours
  • Mineral oil derivatives
  • Silicones
  • Harmful preservatives
  • Aluminium salts
  • Microplastic
  • Hormone-mimicking substances

CUSTOMIZABLE – The right care for every skin condition

We don’t think in terms of genetically predetermined skin types, but see the skin as an organ that, like everything in the body, constantly changes and doesn’t have the same needs every day.

Our products can therefore be combined with each other according to a simple modular principle in order to cover every skin need:

– Your skin needs moisture? Floral Essence provides a dewy fresh complexion

– The skin needs light, anti-inflammatory care and nourishment? Everything Oil is your product!

– The skin is dry, sallow and needs a glow-booster? Master Elixir brings back the Glow.

– The skin still feels rough and needs extra care? Wonderbalm lives up to its name.

– Your skin needs a thorough cleansing that is gentle enough for daily use and gently exfoliates at the same time? Cleansing Clay is your perfect partner.

– Your skin is dry or dehydrated and needs a gentle, exfoliating milky cleanser? Cleansing Cream is your product.

SUSTAINABLE – Using The Glow is not only good for yourself, but also for the environment

– We use purely botanical ingredients, with the exception of Wonderbalm, where we use beeswax from German organic beekeepers to support them in preserving and protecting the bee population

– We also pay attention to pure origin and fair conditions for the raw materials. For example, our Cupuacu butter is wild crafted by indigenous farmers in the Amazon, the Cleansing Cloths from a women’s cooperative in India and the prickly pear seed oil from a cooperative in Morocco.

– Our company has been plastic-free from the start, our packaging is made of glass and can be recycled, e.g. for your homemade cosmetics.

– We offer purest ingredients and a luxurious look, but at reasonable prices. Pure natural cosmetics should not be a privilege of a few, but affordable for every woman.