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Our five essentials were developed with the intention to be the purest and most natural cosmetics line on the market. That is why our products are free from anything that harms our body or the planet: we say no to synthetic ingredients, mineral oil derivatives, silicones, harmful preservatives, artificial fragrances and dyes, aluminum salts, microplastics, hormone-imitating substances and of course animal testing.

We don’t think in genetically predisposed skin types, but see the skin as a living organ, which is constantly changing – like everything in the body. Your skin doesn’t have the same needs every day. Sometimes you need more moisture, on other days, more nourishment or exfoliation. Our products can therefore be combined with each other using a simple modular system to cover every need your skin might have.

If you’re using The Glow, you’re not just looking after yourself, you’re also caring for the environment. Our ingredients are purely botanical, with the exception of Wonderbalm, where we deliberately use beeswax from German organic beekeepers. We also pay attention to fair working conditions when we source for our ingredients. We cooperate with indigenous farmers in the Amazon, a women’s cooperative in India and a cooperative in Morocco. Our company has been plastic-free since its beginning, our packaging is made of glass and can be recycled, for example for homemade cosmetics. Our products aren’t cheap, but worth their price! Pure natural cosmetics should not be a privilege of a few, but affordable to all women.